Friggin' Awesome Steam-like Nametags

That’s exactly what it is. Nametags.

Was requested by a friend of mine but got a little carried away and kept addding to it. After a few failed tries and hours of bugfixing it’s finally releaseworthy. It’s nothing big, but I thought it was worth it.

# Update 1.3
Added option to not show invisible players.

# Update 1.2
Sort of fixed the lag issue. Look in the settings for more information.

# Update 1.1
Fixed bug when player's tags entered the margin, making it visible no matter the distance

There’s really not much to say about it, pictures speak for themselves.


Nametags 1.3 (0.01mb)

There’s also an easy-to-use settings file that lets you edit some key variables without getting you hands dirty.
NAMETAG_MAX_VISIBLE_RANGE = 1000 – Anything less than 255 might fuck up the script. There’s no reason to go lower.
– Default is 1000

NAMETAG_MARGIN = 150 – This is the area all around the screen in which box will start to fade.
– Default is 150
– Recommended is between 50 and 200.

NAMETAG_MINIMUM_WIDTH = 150 – Minimum width of the tag itself.
–Default is 150

NAMETAG_FONT = “Verdana” – Font used for the nametags.
– Default is “Verdana”.
– Use “gm_clearfonts” in the console, or restart the game for changes to take affect.

NAMETAG_MISSING_MATERIAL = “Nametag/missing” – The material that will be shown for people without avatars. As far as I’m aware, this is only for Bots.
NAMETAG_LAZYNESS = 10 – Number between 1 and 100. The lazier it is, the more readable it is when players are moving, but as the name suggests it also makes it “Lazy”, meaning it takes longer time to reach it’s target.
– Default is 10.
– Setting this to 1 will put it the way it was before.
– Setting this to 0 will cause errors, as it’s used in division.[/lua]

Lots of thanks to CapsAdmin for the idea, help with debugging and overall helpfulness :v:

Any comments/suggestions/flaming is welcome. Enjoy.

Nice release :smiley:

Damn that’s pretty damn cool!

I like a lot. Wonderful work and idea. :smiley:

Very, very awesome.

Works Great!

Is it client side?

No, it needs the servers script to detect when a player joins and stuff.

Downloaded and Uploaded :slight_smile:

Nice release, something useful for once :downs:

I was thinking of making the avatar border and nametag border the same color as the user’s team, like in Steam friends. I’m not sure if it’ll look good though.

Yay or nay?

They really are friggin’ awesome, good job guy.


how can i spawm a bot like you?

@topic: looks cool! i`ll download it later

Type “bot” into the console with sv_cheats enabled.

On-topic: Very cool, but would be cooler still if it was clientside. I wouldn’t mind losing the caption if it meant you could do that.

Going on my server :smiley:


Mmmmm it would be cool if you could make it appear when you actually look at the person instead of it being above the persons head :wink:

Like the text that shows now?

<Health %>

Great release.

Yeah that would be cool just overwriding the existing info that displays :slight_smile:

Thing is that almost half the script is the positioning of the tag. Would almost require a complete rewrite :frowning: