Hmm… looks good. The bloom shining from behind… yeah!


I also tried to make a depth map or whatever you call them for it but then it failed

This pic looks pretty good!


Bit generic, posing is flawless though.

I was wondering what looked weird about the picture, then realised that the guy’s a lefty. Nice picture.

you got sumthin’ against lefties

this is excellent and needs more attention to it.

i only have ONE BEEF:

desaturated pictures are often very highly contrasted, and this isn’t. There’s a lot of gray midtones and not enough highlights and shadows imo. All you have to do is toy with the levels just a little bit ad add just a little more contrast.

I’m not sure I did it quite right

I liked it blue too

That blocky flap of his jacket bothers me.

Oh well, it kicks ass.

looks good, bro

also rather than just change the color to blue, use color balance (ctrl b in photoshop) and make the shadows blue and the highlights another color - comes out better and adds more color depth than just a plain-jane color transition

I was bored and went ahead and did an edit, I hope you don’t mind.