Fringe Reciprocity Level[/t]






Hello! This is my Entry into the Facepunch Lovable Levels contest. I spent a ton of time on this! I watched that episode like 50 times trying to figure out what to do. I spent A week just modeling and texturing the machine!

Ive include the Source files for the models and some of the texture (i would include them all but it would be over 1 GB of source files!) IF you do use my models Please give me credit for using them I spent a lot of time on them.

To Install Just put the material files in the material folder etc.

So please enjoy the Fringe eyecandy!

If you have any questions PM me on Facepunch Or gamebanana, or Email me At

-Brian “LATTEH” Birnbaum

Gamebanana: (includes Source files Toybox release does not!)

Also Avalable On ToyBox!!!

As Requested a version without dynamic lights or colorcorrection:

Mr.Gestapo “Frank” - Feedback, Good insight On Fringe

CGTextures -Awesome Website, Theres A ton of Textures!

FacePunch Mappers -You guys Are awesome

Nice map ! Good job!

This uh…
Damn this is amazing.
I almost think it’s too beautiful to be GMod.

Oh my…
Thank you magical map making Latte…

This is truly amazing.

Nice map of the show.

Beautiful map!

Hope you win!

Awesome map!

Tips hat. This looks very good in deed.

so this map is a complete original one i mean no css,ep1,ep2 or tf2 need? WHOAAA!!!

Great map, could use some expansion that we have seen in season 4, but still great.

It very nice to play with lighting and posing.

Wow, incredible!

If only we had some suitable character remakes to fill it with.

Of course my Latteh is a good mapper, if he wasn’t, I’d spill him.

Like I said before, awesome work mate!

It’s a very nice map, although the color correction is kind silly, with quite fucked up contrast. I’d also like to ask if it was possible to get a version without the dynamic lamps.

Out of Curiosity why don’t you want the dynamic lamps?

(also the gamebanana release comes with the VMF so you could edit the colorcorrection and the dynamic lights for your posing/machinma)

I’ve never even touched hammer so that isn’t really a possibility for me. As for why, it’s because I usually light up the scenes myself with lamps and such, and with the custom setup I’ve got, which improves the shadow quality drastically limits how many lamps I’ll be able to have before the game simply crashes. With the dynamic lamps in the map, I’m not able to light the scene(s) myself at all, since the moment I spawn a lamp the game crashes. Also, quite a few other posers usually use color correction themselves, so having a version without lamps, and without the custom color correction, but with color correction enabled would surely be useful.

Ahh ok ill make a version for you

You will? To be honest, I didn’t expect you to do anything, this being FP, but wow, thanks, that’ll come in very handy.

Oh its no problem :smiley:

Here you go