Frisbee Swep

Hi. I was playing Frisbee with my brother, and I wondered," I wonder I you could put frisbee in to gmod?"

So, can someone please make me a frisbee swep, where it does about 1 damage, and left click is throw, and right click is catch? Thanks.

that could be pretty fun

Throwing is very simple. Just find a frisbee model and change a few paths in a template.
Dont know about catching tough.

I don’t think there’s any frisbee models, But I’m gonna check on Fpsbanana anyway. I’m guessing a css grenade skin.

EDIT: Shit, didn’t find any, but I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to make a frisbee model.

Couldn’t you just make it ‘throw’?

Cause providing the person hasn’t already got one they will just automatically collect it wouldn’t they?
(as if they had walked over a weapon on the floor) and each one could be worth 1 ammo… so is someone gets 2 thrown at them they can throw the two back or something?

Catching is the animation in the model it self for instance model a frisbee in modelling program then make it come back.

Yeah, I guess it doesn’t need a view model.

Yes it does and a world model, or insta crash.

For catching you could just make it the use button and use a OnUse function and remove the entity and give the person who caught it the frisbie swep.

This would be awesome.

I’ll see if I cant get my modeler-friend to make a model


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Umm, if this could work, maybe someone could maybe make an Ultimate Frisbee gamemode?
Now that would be fun. But let’s focus on the thing at hand.

I didn’t say this in OP, but I want it to fly too. I don’t think we would want to just throw a piece of plastic.

We could make normal frisbee, and death frisbee, made of a sawblade!

There is a hl2 plate model? Looks 100% exactly like a frisbee.

this sounds like fun and you could make it catchable then we would just nede a foot ball and a base ball and bat and a hocky puck and stick sorry about my spelling im not trying to spell bad

This would be…

I guess the easiest thing would be… get a frisbe model, create a swep that throws an entity with that model and on use it would remove the entity and give the player who used it the frisbee sweps, Although the entitys move type would have to be… i think MOVETYPE_GRAVITY and have a gravity set of 0.4 or something to be like a real frisbe, Hope this helps.

Or the same way things with the fin way float?

Also, dumb bots are rating dumb boxes.

What about the Tron Disc? Just saying.


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You could make it just throw disks similar to frisbees (there’s a source game I cant recall the name of it though that does that)

EDIT: Ricochet!