frist attemp at photoshoping

errrrr ya what the title says
ummmm tell me SOME things i can do.

Add lighting. It’s so dark in that kind of hallways that muzzleflashes emit a plenty of light.

well i havent found how to do that yet ^_^; hehe

Make the flash’s smoother and why is there 2 separate flashes coming out of the end of it aswell
In filters/render ther should be a lighting filter where you can chose a oval/circle/rectangle of light and it can make it look like it is flashing in teh dark:smile:

Are you sure it is Photoshop?

yes its photoshop cs3 i think and thanks for the tips sgt.

Flashes need to be MUCH smoother. Needs smoke and some motion blur on muzzleflash. It should be emmiting light as well.

well as i just got photoshop im learning all this so i hopefully will get it soon.

What the fuck, automatic pistol, also it looks like paint man.