Frog Tadpoles

Could some one make a realistic frog and tadpol models.
One that is about the size of a headcrab. Then just make the tadpole slighlty smaller

Frog model above

I caught a frog like that one time, it had a broken leg though, any way it would be cool to have a frog model

Actually, I’d like this. We need more scientific-themed models, like biology and chemistry.

Of course, this begs the question…Why not make this?

A frog by itself is not scientific. And that frogs resents your scientific imperative to dissect it.

Hypno toad is funny. But if we want somthing science like how about we edit the frog model and make a disected version of it? I like were this is going. Please post your thoughts.

Well, the 2Fort props has a frog model, but it’s pretty cartoony. Hypno toad could be made from that. Are there any games that have lab props (I think Crysis had a frog ragdoll ported).

Yes but like I said I want one Headcrab sized.
But if some one could get the crysis frog ported into gmod that would be nice.
If some one knows how to then do it.

Good idea on the tf2 frog.