Frohman... John Frohman :P



Felt like making some James Bond/Mission Impossible poses.
And these are my first major GIMP edits :holy:

I’m really happy with the way this one turned out, especially the smoke (which was made by me :smug:)and explosion

This one i never got to editing, and i don’t really like it that much:

feel free to edit it :v:

Awesome Job you did thar! =D
Any tutorails you could possibly hook me up with? :3
best tutorial in all of Facepunch

Radical! The posing, editing, and angles are all very good!

A double thanks is in order!
Thanks alot: crazymonkay & VMan! =D

EDIT: GAWD DOMMIT, Every time I try to google pics for muzzle flashes I keep on Getting either really bad muzzleflash pictures, or the muzzle flash picture that VMan used! and even this very tutorial! (All my search preferences are not filtered) and I used the obvious key ords (muzzleflash, Muzzle flash, Muzzle fire, etc. etc.) Need Pics! =P

I like the second pic a lot.

IMO I don’t really like how the vulcan muzzle flash bends to the left.
I do like the pics, good idea, title made me lol a bit.

I agree, it bends weird and its tad orange.
But I like the traces and the motion blur on the first pic.

Frohman? Ahh hell no…

But the poses are good. Please don’t use that muzzleflash in the second pic though.

i was still looking for a good muzzle flash refrence when i edited these, i’ll try and find a new one
(or steal Vman’s :ninja:)

Digging the first one.

I like the first image, have an artistic.