from 60 fps down to 20 fps

my fps has taken a huge hit i have same settings as before was getting 60 fps lowest 40 ish and now 20 to 25 lag is bad any idea one thing i just see the rocks loook really bad look like lowest setting but iam lagging

i also lost alot of fps and i cant play rust anymore cos of it :frowning:

Same here, after yesterdays update my FPS were slashed from 60 - 70 (before the update) down to 30 to 45ish. A pretty significant drop. I pity those who were only getting 40fps before the update…

I had three of my regulars complain that their graphics settings kept getting reset and their FPS was terrible. They ragequit for unrelated reasons (the wipe) so I have no further details.

Yeah I noticed a huge drop in fps.

I went from 70 to 40 a week ago and now from 40 to 20 with yesterday’s patch. My settings are pretty low all around. Last night I messed around to find a fix and turned ON Procedural Virtual Texturing. Expected this to lower my fps but holy fuck… It jumped to 80-90 fps solid! Others on my server reported little increases or decreases so your milleage might vary but it totally fixed it for me…

Turning on PVT helped me too - but only netted me about 5 frames

I am having the same problem. I am one of those guys who you pity (was getting about 20-35 fps before yesterdays update), now the game is unplayable as my fps has dropped to about 15-23 and spikes every 2-3 seconds down to 4-8 fps (making everything seems like lagging). Using my nvidia card on my laptop, not a great setup to begin with, but the game actually doesn’t appear to have any crazy graphical changes that should cause this severe of an FPS drop.

I know that they added some more dynamic sunsets and new map generations, possibly the cause but I’m not sure but if those are the cause of the FPS drops then I think there should be a consideration to remove them or turn off water reflections that were added for people on lower end systems. I don’t expect the game to divert a great amount of attention to these lower end systems like mine, but considering I do meet the requirements for the game I think that (the devs) should just put a little bit more time in the next few updates to optimize a few of these settings as it does take hits to the players above and beyond the requirements as well. I’m all for adding skins, new towns, better map gens, but I voted to have the updates monthly in hopes that they would be more polished by the time they come out.

I’ve tried tinkering with the graphics settings (which were on the lowest possible) to mid-range to high-end to see if maybe it was just with certain settings that it wasn’t working so well. This exacerbated the issue and my FPS dropped to 10-12 or worse and was getting 1-2 fps spikes. Oddly enough, I found one server that I get 44 fps on but I’m still getting spiking on it (down to about 18-20) every couple of seconds. It’s relatively playable if you were just that desperate to play Rust that you don’t care that it would be impossible to put up a fight against anyone.

My friends/group members with higher end systems (70-100 FPSers) have reported similar FPS drops since the update. One who was pushing 90+ FPS regularely prior says he is getting 50-60 FPS now yet the game looks no different to him either. Obviously this is still playable for him so it’s not as pressing for a workaround on his part, but I won’t be able to rejoin with my group until there’s a fix or someone finds a workaround. Keep me posted if anyone here can get one please! Thanks :slight_smile:

P.S. I love the work the dev’s are doing. The amount of new content and work they do with each dev blog truly makes this a great Alpha game and makes people drool over what it will become. I think we should all consider allowing the devs a little more time to polish each update though because regardless of graphics, most every update that comes out has some serious or not so serious bugs or performance issues that affect everyone. This game is great, the updates are great, but the game has been great and was better when the bugs are polished out and everything works smoothly with less content additions. I’m not sure how the rest of the community feels, but I will always support less new content that’s more refined than loads of it that doesn’t work properly because it adds to the amount of work they have to do. I’m a developer as well (for websites and apps albeit) and I can add new content and functionality easily, but making sure it runs the way it was intended on multiple platforms/systems is actually the hardest part. Adding more and more content without fixing the prior additions is going to cause this to snowball in my opinion and considering the game is in Alpha it’s only a matter of time before we just expect most new additions to be bugged without solutions to priors.

I noticed that turning down the draw distance netted me the most significant performance boost - makes me think perhaps the new procgen/terrain changes are to blame? Prior to the update my minimum FPS was 60 fps, thats dropped to about 40 now, and I forgot to mention the frame dropping as well. It drops to 30 every 15 seconds or so.

i also lost alot of fps and i cant play rust anymore cos of it. Before update 40 fps and last update ~20fps and brakes when running please fix

Yeah appreciable fps lowering

hey guys i found a fix my self set settings to fastest go in game settings set all sliders and other settings to 0 as low as they can go then put them back to were they was before some how this worked for me iam back to 43 to 60 fps hope this works for you guys to