From N64 to Wii - Models WIP

Hi there.
I thought it is a good idea to post my WIPs here.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Testing Uploads<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hammer Mario (Custom Model),1637,20110705000028JULN.jpg,1638,2011070500001KI245.jpg

Donkey Kong Test Pack (Diddy, Tiny, K.Rool, Rambi, Enguarde),1576,2011062800002WCWRO.jpg,1577,20110628000036TLPN.jpg,1578,2011062800004JCT8Y.jpg





Zelda Masks Pack 0.1,1464,201106020000302G77.jpg,1465,20110602000047C4PD.jpg

Wind Waker Zelda,1457,2011060200001VPNY2.jpg,1458,2011060200002PRR5B.jpg


Chu Chus + Rocket,1392,2011052000002ANGL6.jpg,1393,2011052000003VKCGN.jpg

Luigis Mansion Ghosts,1372,2011052000001GFR0J.jpg

Diddy Kong (+Banana),1335,2011051600001NGYXQ.jpg,1336,gmconstruct0009UUKRL.jpg

Zelda TP Models 1 (Goron, Dangoro, Ooccoos),1322,20110515000029AIO9.jpg,1323,2011051500003Y5VA5.jpg,1324,2011051500004J7EMO.jpg,1325,2011051200002HTKEA.jpg,1326,2011051200001EOPCK.jpg,1327,2011051200004VSC5J.jpg

Kapu Kapu (The Rocket Cat),1374,2011051000001ZRQET.jpg

King K. Rool,1375,2011050800001ZT5XQ.jpg,1376,2011050700001O7CQO.jpg

Wet Bones,1379,2011042000003P92YP.jpg,1380,2011042000004WTJ4W.jpg

Servbots (Skin changeable),1377,2011050100001348FQ.jpg

Blackmage (Skin changeable),1378,2011043000001WUL09.jpg,1381,201104300000256FHB.jpg

Toads (Skin changeable),1382,2011042600001I2VZ0.jpg

Petey Piranha,1383,20110425000010MBXB.jpg



White Mage,1387,2011042300001TKYEJ.jpg



Final Fantasy CC Semi-Pack

Slimes and Cactuar:

Starfox64 Model Pack

Starfox64 Ragdoll Pack

Majoras Mask - Elegy of Emptiness Statue

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Future Models<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

After this maybe models from FFCC My Life as a Darklord, the White- and the Blackmage (Sportsmix).
What do you think?

Models for the next Starfox Pack:



Say, if it’s okay with you, maybe I could beta test the models for you?

when im done with models, ill send the DL-Link

Alright then.

However, I’m kinda disappointed that the fingerbones in Mario Sports Mix wasn’t there… or maybe I could be wrong. Are there any fingerbones in those models?

but i can add them. but i’m having problems with fingerbones, so as long as the problems where there, ill not do them, sorry


Rigging those damn fingerbones can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. It is a total frustration for porters to build fingerbones manually.

White Mage from Mario Sports Mix was cool.

Since you’re looking at Wii games, try Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers. I haven’t been able to snag all the models from that yet.

my fav was cactuar. Especially in dogdeball hes the best choice.

I have to look around for the game. Did you have any rips from it? If you do i can rig them, else ill have do it on my own. But let me see first

See first post

hey can you please do bowser from super mario 64?

isnt there already one? i mean ive seen it.

And please tell me when youve tested my models

Moogle test uploaded.
See first post

Could you rip models from Donkey Kong Country Returns?

ill try it. dont know if itll work, but theres a chance. ive already seen a ripped model from DKCR somewhere in the net.
wish me luck :wink:

Could you PM me ,if you don’t mind, the settings you use for project 64 (Unless you use a different emulator), My Ripper seems to only export the textures from the game and not actually retrieve any of the 3d data properly. Unless of course you just feel like replying on this thread. Also what ripper do you use and what are the settings for that, I have looked online and can’t seem to find help.

Good ports B.T.W. Looked at Vulcain and had a nostalgia attack.

I am also fairly good with rigging, compiling, and modeling and things of that nature if you want any help in any of those areas or have any questions.

Any chance you could port models from Jet Force Gemini?

im using the emulator “1964” and “lemmys plugin” for ripping, then you can open the vrml files with any 3d program that supports vrml import. (im using blender for this)

and i actually have a question. i wanna do fingerposing for some of my models, but i dont figured out whats the proper QC command? have tried out some cmds but nothings really working :frowning:

i dont know if it works with the plugin, some games like conker, or perfect dark wont. i’ll try it

The bones don’t actually need anything done with in the .qc as far as the fingers go. They do not need any limits or anything. You only need to give the bones the proper naming, the easiest way to do this is to just import the male08 (Or any other ragdoll with fingerposing) and analysing the finger bones with your modeling program so you can copy the name over into the proper corresponding bones in your model. Or you can name them one by one, but this method is a pain and requires large ammounts of accuracy with your spelling. If you don’t know how to decompile hl-2 models I can send you the proper names of them. Or a decompiled male08 model.


Rename bone1 in this picture to match the bone in the other picture, do this with each bone and you will have proper fingerposing :v:

youre my hero! So source reads the bonenames and refer them to its usage?
You dont need to send me, there examples in the sourcesdk folders, i think.

Great, ill try it on my next model (Mira from FF life as a darklord;))

if theres another poblem ill contact you

Your welcome, and thanks for the information on the 1964 and exporter, will make sure to try it next time I get the chance. Good luck.

Holy Crap a moogle.
Been waiting for one of those for a LONG time.