From nude to kev

What are your best strategies for going from naked dude to full kevlar in the least amount of time? Do you hunt rad-animals nonstop, raid rad towns, attempt to ambush other kev players, or something else? I’m playing on a high pop server, and in order to keep from being raided/killed non stop I had to set up my base pretty far from most loot-zones (radtowns or “radimal” spawnzones) and so far the best weapon I’ve gotten in the last 3 days is a P250 :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings below.

find a fresh server, 1x1 in resource hole then farm reds

join high pop server find pistol kill some noob with kevlar

group up with other people and farm multiple places more often than you could alone

last time i did it, I made a small camp near beach, kinda hidden, and farmed beach ressources. went from there to farm the bunkers and red animals around factory. got my full kev set really fast, evne found a bolt action inside big factory and got an m4 from some really bad guy.
edit: i was alone btw and took about 2-3 hours of farming the red animals :stuck_out_tongue: they literally dropped each kevlar blueprint after time.

bows 3 shot kevs. ftw

sleeping bags in rad towns

farm rad towns