from others to Gmod

as the title says. are there many good modelers who can port things or convert them, or whatever it is they do to get them working in gmod?

there are many models I’ve seen that look positively fantastic, but are for other programs like SFM or, the more common one, XNALara.

a few examples are Ozwell E. Spencer from the resident evil franchise ported for use to XNALara

and General sarrano from Bullet Storm

and a bunch of Resident Evil models

yea, i know, fat chance of any of these requests being heard by anyone who can actually make them a reality, but hey. i figured why not.

I can port models from XPS. I don’t know how to put face and eye posing tho.
and I’m only interested in porting female models.

ya take what ya can get, right?

perhaps somewhere down the road someone will add face posing or something, if not oh well.

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heres a few female models for ya

I don’t think that’s few at all xD,
anyways, I’ll do it only on my free time. so don’t expect it to be done any time soon.

also, this community doesn’t want naked models. so yeah. we’re not doing that.