(FROM Subversion category) SVN Addon Manager

I have searched google, this forum, garrysmod.org and other places for a Garrys Mod addon manager and I have yet to find one that is still in production, working and up to date. If there still is one, this could be simplified by someone pointing me in the right direction because two days of searching has come up with nothing.

Long story short if you don’t want to read my long version. My questions are these:

  1. Is there a current, up-to-date addon manager that has a respectable list of addons that users can download?
  2. If that application DOES exist, is it user friendly? Fast? Crash at all? Up to date?
  3. If that application DOES NOT exist, how would the Garry’s Mod community feel about a new SVN addon manager to handle their addon download\installs?
  4. If the community would want such an application, would the community be willing to participate in peer 2 peer seeding of addons via the addon manager application?

If my questions raise more questions, I recommend you read my post completely before posting/PMing any questions/comments.

I recently got to thinking that I, as well as many other users, have gotten tired of having to re-download addons, then go and manually install the addons afterwards, clean up the directory if necessary, etc. It’s ever increasingly frustrating when our page gets overlayed with the daily spamvertisement over and over during the process(es)

If there was a publicly moderated list of addons, where they are SUPPOSED to go, what addon works best/conflicts with another addon, and all that, that would be used by an application that would download the latest SVN version (from the accepted list), puts them in a seperate folder (such as a thumb drive) for backup/storage purposes, then copies the relevant folders and files (minus the SVN folder, etc) to the proper directory for your client or server.

Basically. . . I want to see a “Curse Client for World of Warcraft” for Garrys Mod.

I have a strong feeling that a lot of users would love a tool such as this.

Being able to save addon profiles. Run statistical analytics on who runs what addon so one could establish an “Addon Ranking” that is actually meaningful. This kind of information is basically Garry’s market research on the direction he might wish to go. Results show that most users are doing something of this nature, then possibly Garry or others might develop a game that suits those types of game play.

There is a large number of possibilities with a project like this and I would like to know if there is a project such as this that exists.

If not, I would love to give this a shot using C#, and as such, I would love anyone that would like to work with me using C# to contact me and we can get something going. I could go ahead and use the list of SVN’s that are on the Wiki pages, and authors of other addons that they have an SVN for could contact me and be added to the list.

Another possibility down the road would be to include peer to peer capabilities in the addon manager application. Simply meaning, instead of everyone going to a single location (typically the Author’s SVN), people can seed the addons just like torrents and the addon manager would handle the seeding/leeching.

Think about it. Everyone has the WireMod pretty much. Pretty much everyone also has the PHX models. If you had 100 people to download each one from, theoretically you could download them at whatever speed your ISP has allocated to you from other users and the author only has to provide it to a select number of people before it’s easily accessable.

To prevent tampering with files, authors can provide a website or submit notes to be included in the application with CRC\Hash file check information and all that to ensure that the file distributed is the file it is supposed to be and doesnt contain any unwanted modifications.

I know the post is a little long, but there’s so much to say in regards to this. There is a lot more I want to say but I will leave it at this and let the community respond.

I will tell you all this though. . . If I get a decent number of feedback indicating that there is no said application at this time and that people want said application, then I will indeed give it a shot. At bare minimum, I will make a simplistic addon manager that handles any SVN address that appears on the GMod wiki’s that makes you specify the “~/garrysmod/*” folder.


Maybe I should look around first. Just finding out about this “Toybox” everyone is talking about. From first glance, it’s not well sorted. Just got started though so I’ll be checking that out =-/

Google “Tezzanator SVN”. It’s a fairly old, but well made client. It contains links for most popular svn addons. And allows you too add more. It also stops the hidden .svn folders from being made, which speeds up loading times.

I assume this is what you want, your OP is a wall of unimportant text.


We could always do with a more up to date, user friendly solution. But there is no rush it seems.

Okay, I will give that a look. Thanks for your reply.

I’m kind of glad that there isn’t an urgent response, because if I do decide to write a new one, no-one is pestering me for time-lines and things like that.

I think i will give it a shot though. I think that there is a need for a new, efficient addon manager that could possibly get a list thats provided by garrysmod.org that would download/install/clean addons and all that and eventually get to a point where everyone could p2p the addons without authors complaining about bandwidth. It’d end up being the same way as Blizzard handles their World of Warcraft downloads mixed in with the functionality of the Curse Client.

What would the pros and cons to such a project being? Early versions would have users download directly from the publicly provided SVN/HTTP addresses. Future versions would include the P2P downloading of addons (and only addons) from other client users.