From the shadow he fired his Glock 18 - Operator vs baddy.

(just some pratice, but C&C is always appreciated.)

(+ a re-edited version of the last pic I posted)

I never thought that bevel&emboss effect would make that muzzleflash look cool. Nice job.

I don’t use B&E … :confused:

I quite like the contrast in the lighting. The muzzleflash could do with giving off more light though (not on the characters, but a glow effect or something so it doesnt look so pasted on).

That baddie looks like a cop :confused: lol anyway nice job mate

Looks great. Nice lighting. Is that a headcrab on that guy?

No thats a shadow :wink:

For a while it looked like the cop had a huge right index finger.

sorry about that D: you like the pic in general?

Sweet. It kind of reminds me of when you use the Execute in Splinter Cell: Conviction. The last person you shoot, the camera zooms in on him and you and goes into slo-mo.

This get’s my approval, although the shading makes a lot of questions arise about “the baddie’s” true identity. On a short look it seems like there’s a headcrab with a long tentacle on his head.