Front Mission Evolved models.

Hey anyone remember this:

An addon from back in the day. Both the sites hosting it are down and I did not want to bump a 5 year old thread, so I made this post to ask if anyone had a copy.

I know this is a late reply but you can find the link here:

I appreciate it, but I got a copy a few months later.

I apologize, I considered posting it here for the people who need it, but I completely forgot about it in the end.

The Stork actually needs recompiling because its filename trips one of Gmod’s safety features to prevent arbitrary code execution and thus won’t let you spawn it.

Oh and if anyone is interested I still have raw files for the game I ripped many years ago when the game came out, includes all the wanzers, the weapons, and some other misc stuff

So that was the issue with it.

How exactly did you extract them? Ninja or tools?

They’re just 3DRipper rips sadly, don’t think there was ever a model script made for this game.
I’ll have to go look on my external to see if I still have them, as they don’t seem to be on my PC anymore.

3DRipper? Shame, since 3dripper tends to fuck up model proportions.

Just need to import them at the original resolution that the rip was done, in this case, 1680x1050. They all came out fine with no noticeable distortion when I tested them so long ago

Found the rips too:

Thanks, I’ll take a look at those, though I would prefer using ninja for these cases, since it brings out the models in t-pose.

NinjaRipper wasn’t even a thing when I did these iirc, they are fairly easy to get back into a T pose though.
I could probably go back through and rerip them but I don’t think I can stomach playing such a bad game again.

haha indeed.

It is my port that I can not do well. However,it was hard for me.
Since the original texture that I could find was 512 x 512 low resolution and almost all black, I did a lot of editing.

Yeah, that was something that kind of turned me off from porting them as well, since I’m not that great of an artist.

I wish I could get the models out of FM 4 or 5 though. Those looked great. But PS2 model porting’s even more of a pain in the ass, with all the flipped normals you have to fix

Eh, PCSX2 .9.8 model dumping is pretty easy, the hilarious 20 mile long Y axis is easy enough to fix. And
this guy
wrote a perspective removing script and two seperate tools to take care of the skewed angles. Still ended up using ninjaripper to get neat stuff from cutscenes. Manually assigning textures is still butt though.[/T]