Front Mission Evolved Models?

Could someone please port the models from Front Mission Evolved into gmod? It has quite a few mech-like models and since there isn’t that many models like that in gmod yet I thought that it’d be very useful for some people (Including myself)
Here are some pictures for those who have not played/heard of the game yet.

So, yea, If someone could do that it’d be very awesome.

I would like this done as well.

Same here!

Me too.I kinda like the game.

Most textures have been simplified for the customisable colors.

And materials does not have high detail.
so It need reskin,but I’m not good skinner.

Anyways I’ll try to port on some models.
It might take long time.

Sweet, we can wait.

Aye, Can’t wait to see more of this.
Gmod can always use a wider variety of Giant Robots.

Here is ragdoll sample.

Looking nice.

Shiney, I lurvs it.

Sweet! :smiley:

Amazing work, keep it up.

another sample

Looking awesome.

That’s pretty neat, i hope they are well done.

were did u get the tank from?

From insurgency contents.

The only thing i don’t like is the idea of the Mechs holding giant guns. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to make interchangeable hands so it’s not possible for the Mech to drop it and to reload it straight from the Mech itself?

I prefer big guns, hands that change into guns or mounted guns would look rather silly on mechs like that.

Oh holy hell, that is awesome. I like how you actually totally reskinned the Stork instead of just using the color control maps in photoshop like I am. And the custom weapons are a nice touch too, I planned on just rescaling some odd CSS weapon world models for extra guns.

As for the Vyzov, I could have sworn the Zaftra units in 4 had some purple in their color scheme (if you’re going for the same paintjob from FM4, that is).

also, since the Stork is using Durandal’s colors, it’s missing the emblem like the early early Zenith model they showed off which is based off FM4’s incarnation of the Zenith.