Frost! Comon let's go!

Edit: I revamped the Picture, now with less shading and a more reaslitic lighting.

Here another Screen i made. Took quite some time but in the end, it’s worth the weight. :smiley:

I’m not sure if it was worth the weight , You can tell you burned the whole picture trying to shade, nice try but it looks super imposed and frankly not good. :frowning: Sorry but go lighter on the shading/shadowing(if you will). So, like I said, go lighter and your picture will be much better, the posing is actually pretty good besides the demo, he looks really stiff. Also from looking at the gun by its iron sights, it doesn’t looked like you isolated, yeah its a shortcut but it woull definetly noticed with the quality of your shading and its edges. This pose does remind me alot of when I first tried shading. :\

Holy shit my bad on that paragraph. Best Run-on senteces 2011.

Damnit, i just cant get it right, i know it’s just a first attempt but well, its just sad me since it took me
quite a while to edit it “properly”.


On the other end, i learned how to do the shading on a quite bad tutorial and i think i need to review the techniques, also i think i could use a hand since i just started yesterday :expressionless:

Give me the link to the tutorial, maybe I can check it out and guide you or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the first one from the Sticky of the Screen/Vid section.

I like the posing and the motive is pretty new, at least with TF2 models. The shading IS a bit overdone but other than that, fine work.

Thx man it’s really helping me out!

You like the scard, don’t you? All of your screenshots I have seen have it.

I must sya it’s not bad, I really like the Engy pose but those BLU characters look like they are not well posed.

Ill tell ya a secret, since it was long and that they are in the distance, i did the minimum because im lazy :d

I laughed when I saw that pyro model.