n shit

too much blur, looks like simple dof, try sdof or photoshop blur w/e you want, and i don’t know whats going on

So much open space I could fit gabe in it.

what are you doing

i’m frost

and i do drugs

but i’m not in this

i find this most disagreeable

are you certain

Frost from MK :smiley:

Wow, people pissing over a great picture.

This is awesome, did you photoshop it or is it a model?
The idea is great! I love it, either way, try doing another one with female frost actually doing something and it will be perfect!

you should have at least make her hairs the same color

still,looks close to the “real” one


and demon yea, I tried to. I had modified Jessica’s hair textures from SiN to be white but the model was too low poly for Sub Zero’s body. So in a pinch I just grabbed a FF model and said fuck it.

here are the origs
base model -
clothing -
mask -