Frostbite "distorted heads" research (Battlefield series, Battlefront, Mirror's edge, etc...)

I’m working on a problem of “distorted heads” in Frostbite games. I’ve been told that this is a big problem, and there was no way to properly fix it for a long time.

After 3 days of research I think I can solve this. Capturing of models or animations were NOT needed for fixing, and it can be done with a standalone tool, just export from game files to SMD as usual, load it into blender, and you have a fixed face, with original rigging.

Tool release thread:

Currently tested games that can be fixed with this method:
**- Battlefield 3

  • Battlefield 4
  • Battlefield Hardline
  • Battlefield 1
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter
  • Star Wars Battlefront 1
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 (alpha)
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst**

For example, Karl and Townsend from Battlefield 1.

I think this should work for all other games having distorted faces. Other games examples below.

this is great, are you gonna test it with medal of honor warfighter to?

Will this give us distortion free clone trooper heads from battlefront 2 ?

Does this fix physics mesh distortion as well?

I can probably fix all kinds of distortions in any games. If you want me to check something in particular, send me files.

Also, SergerantJoe reacted with “late”. Can it be that some tool to fix heads exists already? Let me know.

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If its in BF1, just tell me name, and I’ll check it. If not, I need files.

nah this doesn’t mean anything important, what you are doing is a godsend since the deformed heads have always been a problem

Talk to ComradeIvan, he was having issues with several physics meshes on characters, like backpacks. I attempted to fix them, but they were too broken.

The crossbow also has the string broken in a nightmarish way.

Alright, first of all, BF1. Work is already started.

Meanwhile I’ll check if this works with Mirror’s Edge 2 and Medal of Honor Warfighter. If some comrades will contact me after that I can check other games :wink:

-nevermind, my statement was worded a bit oddly, and the information I wanted to share wasn’t especially relevant anyway-

“This tool to automate fixing things is unnecessary! We’ve been manually fixing things for years!”


Where the fuck did you get “unnecessary” from?

Rating the OP “Late” ; “This is already doable” ; “I’ve been fixing heads in 2014” ; “All you have to do is import into Blender”

I’ll take “implied tone” for five hundred dollars, Alex!

Well unfortunately that’s five hundred dollars you’ll be missing out on. All I said was “just fyi there is already a method of doing this”. I didn’t say it was better.

In fact I said the literal opposite, which everyone seemed to miss:

I was legit thanking the fellow for vastly improving the method. :disappoint:

But why would you rate it as “Late” then? That doesn’t make any sense.

Mass Effect: Andromeda suffers from this as well. The above is Cora.

Here’s an SMD, I hope it will help you:

Sgt Joe tends to express his opinion by rating posts, even if it’s a long post with several topics in it and his actual opinion becomes nigh impossible to discern as a result.

Yeah, if anything it makes you look like you’re ungrateful. You want to thank the guy, use the “winner” one or something that doesn’t have a negative connotation maybe?

Okay, I apologize, I’ll try to pick a more fitting one next time.

I with I could know about this problem earlier. Only recently, in 2017, somebody told me about face “distortion”, and even last week I was still thinking that it only happens to 1 or 2 newest games, like BF1.

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I’ve heard that some guy made a tool to export something called “static morphs” from Andromeda and it fixed some faces at least. So maybe its different problem.

Someone did indeed release a modified version of WarrantyVoider’s tool that supports “static morphs”, which fix the distortion but it only seems to support a small amount of NPCs and not the squad members, unfortunately.

Link to tool: