Frosty Server Admin Mod for GMod 13?

Hey lads.

So there is this amazing server admin mod called Frosty’s Server Admin. But it is outdated and does not work with GMod 13.
Any ideas on how I can upgrade it myself (as it is discontinued) or any place I can get a new version?

I’m intending to make a new one and release it through Git so I actually try to continually improve it rather than release and forget.

Pics atm:

Wow… this looks very nice. Any information on when we will have a public release? If we will have one?
And if not… then how may one like me get/buy it off you?

No idea when I’m going to release it its been in development now since Christmas with myself working on it on and off.

Your free to donate money when I release it, its not in a releasable state at the moment.