Frozen Elsa n Anna models port to gmod

Okay, I’m a douche who loves frozen deal with it. But thats not the point. I have these xnalara models of elsa and anna and i want them ported to gmod soo i can have some fun with em. If you can port them tell by a PM on steam or Comment in this thread thx.

BTW my steam name is Halo4Pro90000. profile pic will Elsa from frozen.


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They’ve been ported to sfm twice now yet no jbmod support :frowning:

okay, i forgot to add this in. the problem is that my SFM wont even let me load a model without crashing. Yet i think that it hates me. so i deleted it. I use Gmod like most of the people on this.
but if my friend finishes his project he said he’d hook me up. but for now hes busy ATM(at the moment) so i really need someone to port em to gmod for me. but it seems i cant get anyone so far. If worst comes to worse ill attempt to port them myself. even though i’ve never done it in my life or other option one is to ask disney to give me the models from the movie ported to gmod (XD jk) but its unlikely

It’s funny that you made this thread at this moment.I’m currently trying to learn how to port models from Xnalara to Gmod so I can port Frozen models and all other useful stuffs.
Although I might not be able to port them right now, I don’t even know how to weight bone in 3Ds Max since I need to rerig them to Gmod bones.

same here dude i’ve been working on elsa then i lost interest in it and now i dunno if i should keep going or give up problem. I sorta know wat im doing but i dont have to struggle if my friend and his friend is done so they could port it for me maybe. the worst part i use blender and its a drag cause scaling her is the worse part though. I’d ask y friend aarvark when hes released his sfm models if i can have the source files to create a .phy file for em which will kill me.

In fact you don’t need to re-rig, you can use the bones and rig from the xna model without problem, hence my ports, rarely I rig something I just use the rig on the .mesh file.

I thought the bone limit is 128? or i can go past it? i dunno but the model has like 100 something bones just on the dress and cape

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You can always delete unnecessary bones and rerig the verts that were correspondent to the bones deleted to other bones, is what I do for models with more than 128 bones.

so delete the unused bones? and how do i re rig the verts? are the verts unused bone aswell?

You just skin the verts that were before assigned to the bones that were deleted, to the bones closer to it, like the tip of the skirt for example.

What r verts are they vertices? Sorry I’m new to this she’s textured though

Okay I’ve textured her and what u said but it’s still over 128 thd bones for her skirt and cape(maybe) is ridicules what do it do?

Delete most unnecessary bones for her skirt and cape but still keep 3-4 bones for each one.Turn these bones into jiggle bones.I have no idea how to make jiggle bones but there should be a tutorial for that.

Ok I’ll see what I could do

Yes verts is just an abreviation to vertices, and when I say “skin” I mean her rigging to bones, not if shes textured.

Ok, do i need to scaled her?

could i leave 5?

You can leave as many as you want as long as you stay under the total bone limit.

so i’ve done everything on her. i scaled it, textured it, deleted bones(might have to be edit) and now i need to create a idle and make a collision model. im unsure about the idle.

update: Im not sure if i should connect the bone together and im not sure if gmod has a root bone for models

I know Source Filmmaker has root bones, and usually models coming straight from into Source Filmmaker have root bones, so I’m assuming Garry’s Mod does have root bones for models.