Frozen In Time

Just practicing some editing. What do you think?

Its ok.

I don’t really get what you were trying to achieve with this edit.

It’s pretty easy to get.

The man’s adrenaline is running in overdrive so he is essentially in slo-mo or “frozen in time” as he tries to reload in a tense situation.

Everything else is blurred out as he devotes al his focus to reloading.

I guess you could imagine him frozen while a camera spins around him all movie like.

He was trying to achieve the excessive blur tactic.
Well, good posing and nice gun model.

Fingerpose! Other than that, not bad.

This, I like the idea though.

Sorry I didn’t interpret your artistic vision. Clearly a lot of though went into blurring the whole background.

Hey, everyone has to start somewhere, and from this image we should be congratulating him on the fact that it’s a fairly clean attempt at adding a full backdrop of motion blur, it gets the idea across, and that the base posing (the hands need work as the finger posing is non-existent) is fairly good. Far too often are people criticized for work that while not living up to the standards of the more popular users here, is still decently done (if not for a few issues here and there).

Chesty - I don’t understand why you have a need to post in almost every thread, attempting to critique people on their work, most of the time in a fairly negative manner. We’re here to help these people out, and you’re one of the few users who not only posts consistently, but produces images consistently as well. Set a better example for yourself, as you’re starting to come off with a very “I’m better than everyone” attitude lately.

Are your posts always that long?

Cmon man, don’t be a dick.

I don’t think I’m better than everyone. There are some amazing editors and posers on here and they know who they are. I just don’t give a shit what people think of me so I post exactly what is going through my mind at the time, whoever’s thread it is. Mostly, it depends on what sort of mood I’m in.

:10bux: says you arent in ‘confused’ mood at the moment.

You just won $10, sir. Right now I’m in tired and pissed off mood. It comes off in my comments, right? I’ll be fine in the morning.

Yeah, you can see it in your posts.
Hope morning will come soon.