Frozen On Gmod

For some strange reason when i get on gmod, on any server, i cant move forward, backwards, left or right and i cant talk or spawn anything. the only thing i can do i look around… If you know what is going on please tell me. and if you know how to fix it PLEASE PLEASE tell me!


Sounds like you’re getting disconnected.

Look in the top right corner, do you see



Nope, its just like i’m there, but can’t do anything

Have you tried cleaning GMod?

yes, i also reinstalled and restarted my computer


i mean i reinstalled gmod

This is very odd indeed.

What about when you play singleplayer? Is everything fine then?

nope, not even singleplayer works


it was all of a sudden i was just playing a server and randomly i cant move or anything

Can you play any other Source games that are on the same engine? (EP2, TF2, Portal)?

i have css, i could try that

Give it a shot.

I’m out of ideas though. :frown:



css works


Does anyone have any other ideas?

Contact Steam Support for this. They will help you.
We could use your system specs. Like your OS, processor speed.

maybe the WASD keys didn’t bind. If so, go to Option-Keyboard-Use Default

Some bindings get un-binded sometimes. Either by random or an admin does it some how.