Frozen or not...

Ever been building an intricate structure, and had to move the whole thing just to lose track of which pieces are frozen? Dont want to unfreeze EVERYTHING?

Sure would like to have an stool (or some type of display) that shows (or says) which pieces are frozen or not.

If I’m requesting something that exists I do apologize, I have searched and found zippo.

Easy enough to do, how do you want it? A STool that tells you if something is frozen when you click on it or for frozen props to turn a different colour?

Props turning a different color is the only idea that makes sense to use. Maybe make the other ones transparent too. Make sure to remember the old color. :wink:

Changing the props appearance temporarily sounds pretty cool - I guess just make sure you include a right click to return it to normal (like the color tool that comes standard in gmod). Is it possible to apply it to all props that are constrained together? (like the adv duplicator does)

Ah, so you want a stool that you can click on a group of constrained entities, and all the unfrozen props will go semitransparent so you can locate the frozen ones and unfreeze them, then undo the transparency with right click?

Personally I’d go with a +bind. Much easier to use along with any stool you might have out or the physgun. :smile:

I think maybe the key binding would be better as Crazy said, but yeah that’s the effect that would help. See I make a lot of structures using the monorail pieces, and recently had put a lot of tehm together, only had certain ones frozen, drove me crazy

What ever happened to this?