HI AND SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. I’m ASGHARD and i’m going to create a graphic novel in english and italian using gmod like a photographer studio. It’s all free and no profit. Only passion and glory. To realise my dream, i need some stuff :

  • a very detailed and realistic model of a man wearing a north pole survivig suit (like the protagonist of penumbra)

  • a very detailed model of the same man, but without the hood

That’s all. The creator ( or creators ) will be mentioned in the credits of the graphic novel.

            Thanks and good luck for all your business !

Hey bud, you missed the request section. And in any case have you checked I’m sure with the description of what you need a model similar can easily be found there.

Thanks, but on there’s no what i need.
We have a request section? LOL


i think it’s the same… or not ?

you could maybe use the Inner Circle models from Modern Warfare 3 that someone ported, since they’re dressed for colder environments. they don’t have a hood though and they look more like hikers.

if that isn’t good enough I don’t know, I could maybe convince a friend to hack something together since there isn’t really a similar model and it sounds like it’d be useful for screenshots.

i need something like hazmat scientists form aperture, but with a colder look. i need with and without the hood