HI AND SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. I’m ASGHARD and i’m going to create a graphic novel in english and italian using gmod like a photographer studio. It’s all free and no profit. Only passion and glory. To realise my dream, i need some stuff :

  • a plausibile laboratory map with desolate ambient, structured in underground levels

  • a snowy flat map

That’s all. The creator ( or creators ) will be mentioned in the credits of the graphic novel.

            Thanks and good luck for all your business !

I happened to be making a map just like this right now.
Except there’s no underground levels.

SORRY, but i really need underground levels

Ya, sorry. You should actually look at the map frostbite from gmodtower pvp. It matches your description perfectly.

Tip, don’t call it a “graphic novel”, just call it a comic. The former makes you seem pretentious.

Thanks for the tip, but a comic is a series of episodes with different events.
A graphic novel is a one-shot issue with one single story. In my country we call it fotoromanzo , literaly photohistory . The most correct translation in english is graphic novel.

Not necessarily. Most GMod comics I’ve seen follow one story, but they don’t call themselves “graphic novels”. I’m just saying if you call it a graphic novel all the time, people will get the wrong idea and assume you’re trying to look smart and overly high-and-mighty.

I wouldn’t.
I’m not sure many other people would as well. It’s a literal translation, and I don’t know anybody who would call anything described as a graphic novel pretentious.

It’s like mappers who say to their friends “I’m a video game level designer”.

But that is what we are, we design levels for numerous video games, hence video game level designer.

Please help me, not discute about vocabulary

im guessing you’re french

Oui oui monsieur

Ill try making the snowy map today after I get home from finals. Ill post it if it comes out okay.

He’s italian.

Bene vedo che ora, grazie per la segnalazione TCB.

Or we could keep the shit posting to the Yap and Blabber, Kurtis. Tyler, I don’t really think it matters what he calls it. It’s what he’s making, it’s up to him. Don’t be so finniky.



Grow up, Kurtis. You’re supposed to be setting an example here as a gold member. When we all had an argument with that guy yesterday, one of his points was that we shit post like mad in the Y&B. But, as well said, we keep the shit posting there. And so it should not be a problem to anyone else because if they don’t like it, they don’t have to come in. Yet, you’re shit posting in other good threads.

Gotta agree, there’s been a lot of class warfare (probably brought on by stupid-isms) recently.