Frustration of being accused of admin abuse

I put a lot of time into my server. I enjoy doing it, i don’t play the game and I don’t take sides. Recently a group was wiped out and blamed duping as the cause. I keep custom logs of the server and I cross refrenced what they were acusing the players of and I found nothing.

i tried to discuss it in depth and provide as much information as possible. I was asked for more logs even after I had given them - but I refused to give logs that had players IP addresses in them. After that it was revealed that the entire conversation would be posted to this forum in order to “expose” our server. Here is the chat conversation in full. I have nothing to hide.

I feel silly for posting this here. It seems petty and childish but I wanted to make sure that the conversation was posted in full if they wanted to post it.

Sorry man that sucks, maybe you could just wipe the server like rustafied did theirs? It would go a long way towards dispelling any rumors.

The butthurt is real.

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You’ve given him a lot more time than i would have bothered with Pawk. The reality is that you should have nothing you need to prove; he has no right to any of the information you gave him, and wants more to “prove legitimacy”? fuck that, let him leave if he doesn’t like the way he thinks things are done.

People need to stop acting as if they paid for a service. They play on servers at the owners good graces; they have no rights other than those granted by the admins/owners.

I can’t believe I read all that. He sounds like he’s got something wrong with him tbh dude. Like it’s already been mentioned, he’s playing for free on your server and is at your whim!

Bloodbane, it is hard to believe they weren’t duping when the bottom comment on this ( video is bigblackrooster, and when people are flattening entire bases it makes me even more sceptical.

Why not just do what the other big servers are doing and force a wipe before more disgruntled players come forward? It’s not like anyone would bother playing without it.

Dude, it happens. Don’t sweat it. They’re just butthurt, and they’re going to piss and moan and scream and wail and cry and throw temper tantrums just because they can. If you’re playing as an admin, be prepared to be blamed for every little thing that goes wrong.

Player got shot? Obviously it was admin abuse.
Player missed an airdrop? Admin abuse, obviously.
Player can’t remember where his base is? Obviously an admin destroyed it and rebuilt it elsewhere.
Player hunting a deer and lost it? Obviously an admin scared it off.

There ARE abusive admins out there, but if you’re a decent admin, 90% of your players will know this and won’t listen to garbage like this. The other 10%, well, you don’t want them anyway. :slight_smile:

the only good thing out of all this talk is:

ddnt know this. thx

Wait is this for real?

First person spectate? Really?

Where has this been all my life…

I agree completely so I checked it out. We compile something I call “nemisis” stats. It records how many time you kill someone and how many times they have killed you. You can see these stats here: they have only been running since Thursday but the only sketchy behavior is Scubasjl and Gen0 and they checked out. Bigblackrooster didn’t even show up on this list. I know a lot of my players are on reddit, I’m pretty sure they knew about the glitch. They also knew I keep stats.

We are wiping this Thursday. I like to give notice so players can blow each other up and it gives clans that wait for the new wipes time to prep.

You are not wrong, but I don’t like to be the guy that says “this is my server”. I don’t play there. It’s their server more than mine, we discuss any policy changes/map wipes before doing it. The whole assuming that I have some nefarious alterior motive in hiding duping came out of left field. It also shockingly enough came from players that knew better.

“Spectate [playername]” lets you spectate them 1st person.
You can also just type “spectate” to randomly spectate to a player (good for hopping around and just keeping an eye out).
“Spectate dark” would also spectate you to any player with dark in their name - so you don’t have to type out a whole name.
You can toggle to 3rd person and weirdo camera with F3 while spectating.
Freecam is shift+P
Voice chat works in spectate - so you can talk to players. It’s always kinda funny watching them look for you when you are talking from them. My players call it the voice of god.
typing “respawn” will respawn you - if you type respawn while in freecam you will respawn from the stop you began freecam in spectate.

There are a lot of fun admin commands I usually recommend checking out the Rustafied command list

Thanks for the comments guys, I’m really not the kind of person who posts he said she said stuff but I wanted to “head them off at the pass” in this case as it were as it’s starting to negatively effect the mood of my players. And that makes me sad.

You didn’t check anything out. You are just helping a cheater cheat its simple. You failed to provide the whole story. You would rather ban someone for not cheating that someone who is cheating. You abuse your admin privileged. The flaw with your comments pawk is that you don’t understand OTHER people can also farm ridiculous amounts. That group that you always defend abuses exploits and cheats. You had a chance to do the right thing but you didn’t.

For that reason you are losing a large player base on your server. Who wants to play with cheaters? Eventually people will see how you protect Gen0 and his cheating crew. The guy had over 1 million metal frags in 2 weeks of game play and he was not online or playing as much as me and my group were. So him amassing that much is kind of bullcrap and made up stuff from you.

I also farm an incredible amout of stuff and raid other players to increase my loot. But that is impossible unless you use the duplication exploit which they did and you condoned. Your server was fun until you showed biased and preferential treatment towards your friend Gen0. 1000+ rockets from a group of 5-6 just leveling all the bases people wasted time building on your server.

People seem to be incredibly dim here. Just because we are playing on your server we need to just take abuse? no sorry. You guys got this wrong. We also paid for the game and want enjoyment. Just because you have a server does not mean you can abuse privileges and make the game not enjoyable for people to play. Because you are paying for a slot that gives your the right to make the game not enjoyable for others? Admins seem to forget that its the players that make the server and the community. Not just the admins. It will only be a matter of time before people stop playing on your servers with your pretty crappy admin attitudes.

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First 500k frags now 1 million. First 100 rockets now 1000. Surely you can see my frustration with this? it’s like the 5 of you are feeding off of each other and making bigger and bigger claims.

You want me to ban players for cheating who I don’t have proof cheated OR you will to go around and yell “admin abuse” to everyone.

I am truly sorry you guys feel you were cheated. I am.

Here is the “not cheating” player ban you are talking about:

If you have any other questions you know where to reach me. This isn’t the right place to talk about this but as you were the ones that threatened to post it here I wanted to make sure that the information went up in full - which it did in the first post.

It’s honestly silly to drag this out here. I apologize to the mods, but I’d rather not have my server name dragged through the mud without my side of the story out. I hope you understand.

edit: removed player name

Once again Pawk your are twisting words to make yourself look like the victim. 1million frags yes because your cheating friend gen0 had 4 + reinforced large footprint bases and still had 500k metal frags left over. 1000+ rockets yes because your cheating friend gen0 leveled 3 large clan bases with them because of the duplication exploit. That player you banned was frustrated with how you were going about dealing with the issue. You ignored him when he asked to talk to you about the situation. You belittled him and abused your authority as admin. You should apologize for your terrible way of dealing with this issue and having an exploiting friend killing your server. All you are doing pawk is cherry picking information. Its funny how you can post logs about chats but you cant post logs about the use of the metal frags created or rockets. gg

Pawk, I just wanted to say a few things without hard feelings or butthurt like people say.
I’ve been playing on your server for about 4 weeks now, was actually.
On Saturday early morning Gen0 and his crew attacked 8 bases. 3 of those (including mine) had reinforced walls. (Mine was 2 whole floors of 8x7 with reinforced walls btw)
Then on Sunday they attacked more 2 bases. (Bam’s and Bucketman’s bases)
Out of 10 bases, 3 of them they literally destroyed everything, all the walls and foundations.

Now here is my simple question to you, don’t you think it’s funny they did that 2 days after the exploit was discovered?
Now you said you have logs of everything, you know how the dupe worked. You said Gen0 has DC 4x Friday if I’m not wrong. I don’t doubt he has a lot of farming, but he can double the amount of whatever he had with the exploit. So let’s say he has 100k metal fragments, with one single DC he now has 200k.

You even sent one of your logs to Detrial, but the funny thing is, on those logs you sent it doesn’t show explosives, rockets or ores (metal and sulfur).
I’ve seen the log and being honest, that doesn’t prove anything.

So I’m asking you kindly to look things with another perspective and ask yourself this. How come a group of 6 people destroyed in 2 days 10 bases which adding one to other would be around 40 players and still had 500k metal fragments stored PLUS a base built in 2 days fully armored? How many rockets did they need to destroy 10 bases which out of that 3 were sent to the ground completely and the others they destroyed AT LEAST half of it?

It’s your server and your rules, but your attitude of coming here to complain about our decision to leave is disappointing.

PS* There is a member on his crew who is ALREADY VAC ban (not long ago, ~120 days)

I’ll just tell you that if you already let them exploit the stacking they damn well are going to dupe as well.

This guy is just throwing together random lines of chat I said to make me look bad. He deleted all of the chat in between that. Almost everyone on his server left because everyone knows he’s protecting the group that was duplicating. He refused to talk or listen to any of us. This admin was blatantly lying whenever we asked him a question. The night of the exploit, the group used 300,000+ metal frags to upgrade their base and still had 500,000 left over. The admin refused to look at the change of rockets, explosives, or metal frags on the server in supposedly what he calls “resource logs”. However, he did notice a change in animal fat. Not surprisingly, the logs he gave us don’t show that … or anything useful for that matter. I’m not an admin, so I’m not sure what you can and can’t check. Moving on, he refused to look in these peoples bases. This particular group literally wiped out every base on the server in the two day window that the exploit was posting on youtube. They have a member of their group who posted on the youtube video. They killed each other a total of 41 times during the two day window of the exploit. They told the admin they were farming fat, however they haven’t killed each other since the exploit was patched. After all of this, he still won’t tell us the change in explosives, rockets, or metal frags for those two days.

Edit: Pretty childish that you had to bring my name into … after you just straight up deleted me and ignored any information I tried to bring up about the group. I was done playing on the server and no intention of raising anymore problems after your answers to Detrial …

You are right. I’m sorry. I removed refrence to your name.

Thank you. I know I said all of that, but not in one straight line how it was posted. Other people were talking in chat too.

Everybody and their brother has a Rust server nowadays and not all of them are good.

If you are posting every log except the ones with the actual important details to the said incident it looks pretty damn suspicious for you. You seem like a person who dodges charges and posts half evidences to try to pass off suspicion, you said you can’t reveal certain logs due to player IP addresses within, then why not just remove the addresses, this isn’t that hard? Clear your name once and for all with actual evidence?