Frustration with gamma settings and instakill water

Not wanting to be a massive pain, but I hate getting frustrated to the point of wanting to throw the objects in my hands across the room while playing Rust. I understand and am completely down with the guiding ideals of the game, and the complete open ended gameplay, as well as the risk/reward system that makes it so rewarding to make a massive trek across a map with an inventory full of loot and make it home alive.

Tonight however the game more or less cheated me out of a fair amount of my time and patience, as well as the loot I was carrying because of somewhat minor issues that seriously need to be looked at. I know the game is still officially in alpha, and is being patched and re-balanced every two weeks, but issues such as these are enough to completely ruin the experience of playing the game.

First is the fact that falling into from a modest height will kill you dead, almost instantly. In a game that is so detail oriented, I cant imagine that no one has looked into water and its properties as far as the player is concerned. A 10 or even 20 foot fall into water should not be enough to kill you unless the water you are hitting is 2 or 3 feet deep. Although it is a minor gripe, its really something that should be looked into.

My main frustration however is with the fact that the pitch black darkness of night and the protection it provides you can so easily be thwarted by simple graphics card settings manipulation, and the fact that messing with gamma settings is so commonplace that people will actually tell you in-game that you should be doing it yourself instead of complaining. The fact that you can so easily lose everything you have worked so hard for because other players are manipulating the game in a way that is unfair but not so blatant as actual cheating, is still unbelievably frustrating. I don’t want to be put in a position where I am helpless to fight an enemy who under normal circumstances shouldn’t be able to see me. Night is implemented in Rust so that it emulates real life, and the simple changes that people can make outside of the game completely ruin that and screw players like myself out of time and loot that they wouldn’t have lost otherwise. I don’t want to have to do the same just so that I can compete with those who won’t legitimately play the game the way it is meant to be played.

Though I doubt that anyone who has the ability to effect change on the game itself will see this, I hope others who have had similar frustrating experiences will see and know they aren’t the only ones.

Regarding water, I totally feel you. Another thing that needs to be looked at (water - wise) is how broken swimming is. It’s unrealistically slow, and almost impossible to do without losing some health due to the fact that your character constantly bobs underneath the surface (it only takes a second or two underwater to start drowning). Just my opinion. As for gamma hacking, I dont know what other people are doing, but I have personally tried manipulating my GPU’s settings in the Nvidia control panel, and I’m pretty sure its been fixed. Raising the gamma level introduces a ton of image noise making it impossible to see anything at all, but maybe there’s some new workaround I haven’t heard of.

Yeah, I definitely agree with the swimming aspect, its janky as hell. As far as the gamma is concerned, I was attacked in a rad town, in pitch darkness by a group with silenced weapons who killed me in exactly two shots, they knew exactly where I was, even when I moved behind cover. In my frustration I bitched a little in the chat, and was basically told that everyone does it and that I should stop whining about it and do it too instead…

I was a gamma booster but since I upgraded 2 windows 10 I can no longer change my gamma settings it just tells me error when I try 2 go into the desktop setting. Any info on how to get around this? I am using Radeon hd6770 GPU. I hate no longer being able 2 see when others can.

So you hate not being able to cheat? Regardless of what anyone tells you or the stupid “everyone does it” excuse it is still cheating. If everyone I you street sells drugs does that make it legal for you to sell it as well? People who change the games appearance away from what the developers designed are cheating. And it’s the actions of a child why can’t succeed on an even playing field. If I were the OP I would find another server with more adult players

No I don’t agree with the everyone does it shit, and I know the world would go tits up if they did. What I should have asked as a leveller instead of me boosting does it now mean no 1 with windows 10 can?

I hope so but I have never tried so I can’t say, I am using win ten now as well

Could u plz try and let me know if u get error message as in my eyes this would be a step forward in rusts progress. I am currently on a rust rage break due 2 hackers.

I am at work right now will be home this evening and as soon as I can I will try and let you know the results :grinning:

Cool man that would be great thanks. Atm I can’t even stand 2 play rust and I have over 600 hours I love the game.

I have my moments as well, I have left it and come back a couple times. There’s so much potential in it but some players screw it up for every one sometimes

Yep exactly what I’m hearing from lots of people, so what gets me is all the people say the same shit but when u try 2 implement it… Well u know where I’m going with this!

Sorry to say I can adjust my gama in Windows ten so I am assuming it will translate over to rust. Haven’t tried it because my screen looks like shit with that much gama lol. I guess your gonna be server surfing until you find a decent one. There are a few out there and I am sure they will fix this in future, they did have it fixed once upon a time but I think unity screwed that over