Fruts & Gainana part 42 (persunel scones)

no crits please. i know it’s shit.

shots rocket at u

lol crit!!


Damn zombie, ruined the fun of Fruts and Gainana.

Great posing and editing!


Huh…I was mesmerized by the chest hair.

The phys gun in the comic was pure genius.

I demand to see the other 41 parts.

This is the best comic ever to be posted here.

Chrono Trigger avatar :smiley:

I was just browsing the sprite database, liked that one.

frust and gainana

fruts and gainana

frots and gay nana

I think he is implying something.

Holy fuck finally, I loved your comics.

Gainana? Banana?

Epic posing.

This would be a perfect Garry’s Mod machinima, but It’s great as a comic.

I lol’d pretty hard. I demand the other 41 parts. Now.

Anyone who hasn’t seen Fruts and Gaina before this needs to die. :suicide: