Based on the Stereotype of the nerd who lives in his mom’s basement, this is the brainchild of a movie we had to make for an ROP class group project.

This map will not be good for Sandbox Building.
This map isn’t designed for RP, unless you have some divine urge to live in a cramped basement.
This map would best be useful for Comics, Posing, Movie Clips, etc.






  • Dynamic Lights via Switch by stairs
  • Squeaky Floorboards
  • Authentic Toilet Floater
  • Retro Flair with an NES, SNES, and some classic games from this place
  • Semi-Hidden Button to Unlock/Open the Door at the top of the stairs

All content is packed into the .BSP so just put into the maps folder and load that mother.

You can use this for your own work, but link me to anything you create because I’d like to see it.

Just realized this is the first thread I’ve ever created on Facepunch, lol.

Mapping King? What the hell? I only spent one day on this! lol

Thank you for the feedback, I’ll use it to learn for future plans.

Shouldn’t that toilets walls be plywood?

i wish i lived in that basement

Looks pretty high for a basement. It’s also too empty and the map there is nothing behind the windows.

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Also, the walls are unrealistic. Why would anyone cover brick walls with concrete unless it’s plaster which looks completely different. Plastering interior walls would be kinda pointless too.

That’s because it was only the basement we needed for the movie, not the outside. It’s empty because I needed to be able to have camera room to angle and move around.

I couldn’t tell if that was plaster or concrete, so I did it anyway.

Could be worse I guess.

ya, it looks higher than the standard 128 but I don’t know how high a basement should be
also you can use env_sprite over the lightbulbs to make it look nicer

It looks too spacious. A basement is a place to store things, much like the garage. As we know, most people have a hoarding mentality, causing them to store the most useless amount of rubbish. As a consequence the basement would be filled with paint tins, random tools etc. So what if someone lives down there (and it wouldn’t be constrained to “nerds”, wait till you want to move out but can’t due to no solid job and high flat prices).

You have two choices here. Either you make it look like a basement, or somewhere that someone lives, because at the moment it is neither. A good example that i can think of is xanders basement in buffy. It looks like someone lives there, like someone has tried to add their own personal touch. This room looks stale and lifeless.

That chessboard bothers the crap out of me.

Would it bother you more to know it’s parented to the table and that the table itself is unbreakable?

I don’t know how to use that yet, but I’ll look into it.

It’s not because of that.

The chessboard was designed to only be seen from a distance with no possibility for you to get it to it, thus, the modelers decide to make things quick and easy and only model the section of the chessboard the player will actually see.

Case in point, I can see where the model ends in image two.