FSB Agents are fighting with Talibans.



FBS ? Nice edit but the posing is stiff at places.

oops, FSB*

2 are fighting like made while the other 3 are guarding a dude, what???

lol guy with no head

Nice gore

This looks pretty good!

Looks like the guy without any headgear is making out with that Enemy.

Now i am not talking from experience here,but from what i have seen of war footage,it usualy is that way.

The guys in cover are focused on the prisoner,and nothing else.
While the other two are fighting off the remaining resistance.

Good Work

Good work, except even their badges say its MVD… not FSB.

like the guy with the SPAS-12 posings good on him

nice edit, good job ddok

Great blood editing, posing and camera angle.

Great picture, can you post the link for the models of the MVD agents?

…I’m speechless everytime I see a screenshot made by you…You keep on surprising us/me

yeah, I’d love you forever if you posted models

I dont think these models will be released, or atleast not yet

tlsaudrl will upload that models ASAP.
his models are almost same with mine.

How did u remove his head? Was it costum models, or photoshop?