**FScoreboard3 is a rewrite of my older, really bad, FScoreboard. I originally made it for my server but decided, “hey lets release it”.
It’s a rather simplistic scoreboard with the minimal features really needed in a scoreboard.

**- Sidebar

  • Customization of colors
  • Team seperation
  • UTime support
  • Player menus

**Supported Admin Mods:
**- ULX


**Steam Workshop | Github

Changelog: (don’t count on this being accurate, check workshop’s instead)
v3 - Player interaction menu support for ULX
v2 - DarkRP money support
v1 - Initial Version

Cool release, Flex!

Great release man! There aren’t very many good free scoreboards out.

Fixed up your old one a few days ago, guess I won’t be needing that one anymore. Good Job!

Looks cool, I like it!

Is there a way to make it so that you can use your cursor on the menu? I don’t want to have to hit F3 everytime I wanna move the cursor over it

Looks nice love all the features

Super slick. Nice job!

Thank you for including ULX teams, also!

What happened to this? It was the best scoreboard ever and now it’s gone ;( my server will never be the same. Please help!

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb bump/PM the author instead" - Sgt Doom))