"Fsjal" The anticipation guy!

I know, Fsjal is a forced meme. But it’s one of the better ones, and should be pretty simple to make. (coming from a guy who has no experience with 3D software.)

This is what he looks like.

And this is how high he should be.

Thanks in advance.

This is going to end badly.

…wow…if this does turn out to be really good, i may just freaking download it. But so far, im pretty dang sure its not gunna turn out good…at all…

This will be win!


yay fsjal!


Gonna need to cel-shade him, I think.

Interesting, thanks for the link there i’ve been wondering where this came from all of a sudden :smiley:

It would take me two seconds with little mesh editing… Anyone can do this thing.

Do want!

Then be my guest, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I absolutely hate this pathetic meme and the newfag sheep who set it as thier avatar.

On a similar note, i love you all.

mega bump.

Yes, it was. Don’t do it again.