FSM - Send a message to all players!

This is my first ever addon released so if there is any errors or anything, sorry.

If you are a server owner or an admin and want to broadcast something really quickly this is the right addon for you!


This is how it looks on the clients side:


Heres the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mo0a77tznrya8u7/ServerMSG.rar

If you’re running darkrp: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r94l6a5bohk7764/ServerMSGDARKRP.rar

Please post any errors you get, if you have any, i will update this addon as much as i can, and if you have any suggestions feel free to post em.

p.s In order for you to open the menu you have to be admin or superadmin, you can add more ranks but will require some edits, add me on steam if you cant figure it out.

Theres also a little config in there for you to use, this works on any gamemode aslong as you are an admin or superadmin(tested on darkrp, sandbox)

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYig4dq3BdA

Congrats on making your first addon! It’s a neat idea, I like it

vgui could be a bit more appealing, but you’ll get the hang of it with more practise

Thank you, yeah the vgui was suppose to be like arma 3ish style, hopefully i did a decent job, hehe.

I read “bit more appalling” and was wondering why you were being a huge jerk.

And then I re-read it.

This is cool. :slight_smile:

I love the simple look of it but how big is it? Seems really bulky in the pictures.

Better than My vgui :stuck_out_tongue:

Should take full screenshots so people can see the default scale.

I added a youtube video in the OP :slight_smile:

You should stay away from transparency for ui if you can’t blur what’s behind it (sadly not easily doable in gmod)

Something i would like to see, is an concommand, so you could send the messages per RCON. This would be usefull for server maintance etc.
also it would be nice, if you could add Support for other Admintools like Evolve or simmilar. Maybe even more groups then superadmin and admin, maybe over the config file?

If you need help with the changes i suggest, feel free to ask me. i think that is a resonable task to further improve your skills.

It should work with any admin mod, im using ulx and it works fine for me, i havent tested with evolve or any other admin mod thou.

Yeah, ill add more groups, what kind of groups do? i dont see this being used by mods or vips?

And the rcon part could be done, but then again i have no idea, lol.