'FSN' poster.

Ok so I made a poster for my friend’s B-Boy club in my high school. I did not take any Color Theory or Graphic Design classes or Art Fundamentals at all. I used the Ellis Model from L4D2 and GIMP and CGTextures from the internet.


Any ideas on how to improve?

I think it looks pretty cool. I would add that splattered paint effect to where his hand touches the ground instead of the circle and make the splatter under the “N” gray to blend with the color of the letter. Nice pose BTW.

im liking that font

I like it!

Anything else? Is this appealing to everybody’s eye as a simple poster?

It’s a tiny bit bland. Maybe with a bit more vector’s strewn in, it could become a bit more interesting.

Thats pretty tight, but would B-boys choose for those kinda shoes? maybe edit in some sneakers.

It’s a logo, it needs to be simple enough to the eye to recognize from a small distance, trowing in vectos could make it look too messy.

(I study at a graphics school… so… experience D: )

My friends hadn’t decided officially on the colors of their club, so this is still probably in the alpha stages.