FTP FASTDL not working since gmod update

Hello guys,

Here is my problem, since the gmod update of 07/06/2013 I think, my ftp completly changed so I don’t know where to put the file for FastDL, fatsdl is named “www”

Screens : [Removed]

Thanks to help me

According to your second img (http://www.hostfile.nl/fpimages/caev0lgnoh/15785/fastdl2.jpg.html) there is a html file so your FastDL folder should be there from what I assume.

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Does this server have a domain? Or is this your game server as to why I am seeing a cstrike and garrysmod folder in the first img (http://www.hostfile.nl/fpimages/caev0lgnoh/15785/fastdl2.jpg.html)?

It has a domain and the html file is just the downloading page of my server when you are joining it


Peut importe ou ce situe le fichier de ton fastdl, tant que tu peut y acceder directement via un lien (A quel adresse est hebergé tes fichiers du fastdl? )

Après il suffit de changé ton autorun.cfg selon la configuration de ton fastdl

sv_downloadurl http://www.tonsite.be/fastdl/gmod/ ( exemple )

PS: I anwser in french because mumuk speak french.

Ok problem solved, It was a problem by my server’s provider, their machines were down.

Sorry Didileking I do not speak french and there is a mistake in your explanation :

sv_downloadurl is in server.cfg and not in autorun.cfg