FU-51 Heavy - Crew Based Mech

2x100mm cannons
110 tons of armor
EGP for the gunner
Usable buttons that toggle gun lock and master arm
Viewport using cam controller and a destructible cam controller periscope for the driver




also equipped for taking over thirdworld countries




and then it stepped on a lego

When I read “crew based mech” I had this sudden mental image of a skyscraper-sized robot with a player inside operating each limb. The interior and legs of this one make up for my disappointment, however.

but what happens once a mech that size steps on a lego?


How the heck do you guys make this stuff? I have trouble with a car that’s just a platform with four wheels!

Dude this is sick! Throwing my money at the screen and nothing is happening!!! Is there a download link?

Did you code/construct the bipedal movement yourself?

It uses one of sestze’s mech e2s, but all the other e2s and systems I wrote and came up with myself.

I see you used my wonderful collage of engines.

Cruzer actually spawned that

That’s pretty awesome. Do you have a video of it in action?

Sadly no. I can never find a suitable recording program besides fraps and I don’t feel like paying for the full version of it

Yeah I gave it to him :X

You could try Source Recorder. It’s free and doesn’t lag, and if you don’t know how to use it, this can help:

Amazing program and it’s way better then Fraps.
Fraps uses about 1GB each 20 seconds and has crappy quality if in that saving order.
Bandicam uses 1GB every 50 seconds and has HD quality if in that saving order.
Aka Bandicam worked way better for me.

Also this did come out nice. Too bad it was a mass of errors for me.