FUCCKkk - Need help (learn process)

Well, I figured this would be the only section I could really post this in –

I’m having trouble learning Lua. I understand that it’s an easy language and everything, but I don’t quite understand it.
If anyone would be willing to teach me the very basics to where I can make a menu of some sort (without some tutorial), I’d be glad. I’m willing to pay if you aren’t willing to do it for free.

Please leave a post or PM me. Thanks.

If you add me on steam (usernamed is vypr11) I can walk you through the very basics, but I will only help you fix errors if the lua is at intermediate level or higher.

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as in, I won’t teach you anything that isn’t still a basic level, but if you write it on your own and encounter an error I will help you fix it

Haha, I remember you from…well, let’s just say Avaster and his site.

Thanks, I’ll add you tonight or tomorrow, as I’m currently on my shit computer.

I got rid of my bacon bot subscription after Avaster started simplex hacks, so no you don’t. Anyways, send me a message when you are ready.

Oh, trust me, I do. I went through the e-mails and tried to threaten people for a laugh.

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Oh, and I added you.

I was still technically subscribed after I left, but I never looked at my emails so you are probably right.

Someone call the police

We have are self a E-thug


i can help you any time if nobody else is available.

I’ll take you up on that offer, as c-unit removed me I guess.

I am a noob at Lua, too. We can noob-teach each other.