"Fuck Da' Police" - Upcoming Interactive comic by yours truley


Story BG I have so far:
Raider, Dolemite Christ (Thanks Castro :wink:) steals a pig from his Tusken clan whatever, pigs more important than he knows and NCR and other raiders out to kill him (post apoc)


His name is Dolemite Christ.

I can dig it, Editing that in now.


That’s the name of my FO:NV character. :dance:

:v: Awesome

name him URoRRuR’R’R Junior Son of the great URoRRuR’R’R, the one who knocked out Luke Skywalker

Thread music alone makes this win.

I would, but castro beat you,
i’m verging away from starwars in this (sorry)
Trying to make them just characters in a Post apoc earth world :v:

You just know that you have to do a Jesus cameo now.

doesn’t he look savior and christish already? *
I think so.*

Runs in the family.

Your winning all over today

how about he’s a member of URoRRuR’R’R 's clan?

Maybe just maybe

Whenever he sees the Police or some sort, he must shout legendary: “Fuck da’ Ploice!” and start row away with his tiny little boat as fast as he can.

No, he must lift the pig above his head with two hands, wave it up and down and shout “RRUUUUUUHHH-ROUH-RUH-ROH”

I think this phrase should be shouted by the piglet when the police is somewhere around
And then the pig turns into the police killing machine

I laughed when I saw the picture.

Can’t wait for the comic.

thanks guys :slight_smile: Posing for it now, It will be in a new thread.

Needs more NWA, and some Compton.