"Fuck! Jones is hit!.. We need a Medic Over here!"


Toned down version (Less filters more closer to the original screenshot)


Nobody seems to care.

Nice screenshot though.

Story is they were walking through a forest on route to a nearby town or something (Hence the urban camo), And “Jones” Got shot by a sniper or something… So since it happened so fast or something the guys in the background didn’t notice… or something

I think that US Army use UCP for woodland as well as for urban terrain. Nice screenshot, tho. But be more “sensitive with filters”, and I would say it’s saturated too much.

Just wondering: where are those soldiers from? They look pretty good.

The guy on the left: “Fuck that shit, I’m staying behind this vehicle.”

Jones was a dick anyway.


army uses ucp/acu no matter where they are

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except for a few battalions or w/e that wear multicam afaik

Every Soldier deployed to Afghanistan has Multicam now.