Fuck my life 01

Hello everyone :open_mouth: This is my first comic that I acutally put effort in. It may not be the best in my opinion but yeah…There was effort put into this. It’s just my first try…


C&C please…

You’ve gotta work on your speech bubbles, placement and style.

-There was too much white space around a lot of the text…unnecessary.

  • People generally read from left to right, and the speech bubbles should reflect that. (the panel with “who’s this”, that bubble should be before the other.)
  • Work on your posing, and editing…center your text as well.
  • Humor was okay…

Thank you for the advice. I definitely need to work on some things. Like I said first try.

Photoshop kept on messing up though. Resizing things randomly. It was just uhg O_O

and thanks the humor isn’t the best. I’m not the funniest person I know…but it was more so a satire at how Metrocops are total asses to you in that game but yeah…

Once again thanks for the advice.

It looks like you need to turn up your graphic.

I really do I can’t seem to turn on Anti aliasing. My graphics card (Well chipset) can run the game with all settings on high. But it doesn’t allow me to turn on anti-aliasing. :confused: