Fuck Robots.


amen sister

that tracer is ugly, ugly, ugly and not aligned with where the actual barrel is pointing

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also i see where you were going with the blue smoke but it doesn’t work here

+hard edges on the right side of said smoke

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and on the left side of red guy

I think its supposed to be more of blue mist than smoke, yknow robot blood stuff.

but robots are awesome

someone better make a robot slaughtering pic with lots of oil and hydraulic fluids flying about

like in Republic Commando

Magic and bullets are best.

Nice, apart from the tracer.

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It’s just really flat.

nah, no thanks

A+ post

When I first looked at the picture, I thought the red mage was firing a laser from that gun :V

I really really miss a coma in the title :stuck_out_tongue:

i didn’t know anyone could miss being in a coma but eh