Fuck The Free Man - The Wet Free Man - Two pics containing Gordon :downs:

This one is called.
Fuck The Free Man

This one is called.
The Wet Free Man

Info: Took me a fucking hour to do that rain. :argh:
I dislike the first one.

Constructive crit appreciated. :o

what the fuck is this

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Copying from our steam chat.

Why did you oversharpen him with the sharpen tool? It’s ugly. Sharpen is meant to sharpen, not destroy and make artifacts
Also you shouldn’t add black bars, it’s a cheap effect to simulate drama that isn’t there, just crop the image instead in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
Don’t make the blur blur out the edges of what it’s supposed to make stand out. Don’t make the muzzleflash bright white. Give it details, colours. Bright shiny colours, but still, colours, It’s an explosion, not white paint standing right next to the sun
Don’t set rain to overlay. just lower the opacity. Don’t use the smudge tool to make hair wet. Draw it with a brush instead.

And some extra:

Learn the rule of thirds and take advantage of that knowledge to composite your shots better. Don’t fade out the edges of the image.

Sounds good but imo you have to work with a better light effect, change the angle also.

Rain is very good, but you smudge the hair with lighter and thinner brushes mate

"Fuck the Free Man"-"The Wet Free Man"

I honestly expected gay sex. Rate optimistic.

I’ve never been good with hair O: