"Fuck.. This is it.." An injured rebel is about to face his fate..


I like it. It could have used a little blurriness behind the combine, but other than that, it’s decent.

Default blood scares me

Sorry, I can’t edit at all, the pic would look horrible if I tried

Any criticism?

Nobody can look that far to the right. :v:

Needs editing, but I like the angle.

The hand positioning is wrong and the textures look crap, and oh god that terrible source water, but the posing is good.

i love the way the combine helmets look.
cyclops red beam :slight_smile:

His eyes scare me, other than some blur to draw attention to the thing going on. It’s good, i’m not going to complain about water and textures, there not under your control.

Why does the combine have his weapon lowered, wouldn’t it be leveled to aim if he knows theres a rebel near?

He’s trying to look bad-ass… Like a terminator, they never lift their gun until they see their target.

why does a combine have a mp5

the expression and posing look fantastic, but you can’t have a “badass” combine. they’re basically computers, ruthless efficiency.

I hate these looking around corners screenshots

How is he looking round the corner if his head is behind it though?

Friggin’ mirrors off-screen goddammit.

Sorry, but I’m seriously out of ideas for poses. If anyone has any good ideas, please PM me or add me on Steam or some shit…

Vman and Chesty made some tutorials, they’re really easy to understand. give it a try

Pretty nice posing.

It’s very good for an unedited picture, but super DoF and editing would make it better.

it looks like hes getting ready to suck a dick