"FUCK WE ARE DEAD!" - Zombine got too close.

Hell I forgot to put fingerposing on 1 of the rebels -.-
Oh well! I guess I’m rusty.

99% in-game! Just some color tweaks in GIMP.

Don’t worry, everyone knows rebels control the gun with their minds.

Just what do you think those ski caps are for?

I like the little trail on the grenade.

You use fingerposing on one hand but not on the trigger hand?

Did you read the OP?

You don’t hold a weapon by the magazine like that.

He is a garbage man that became a rebel not a trained soldier! …And the pose looked like shit when I tried to make the model grab the handle cuz the model is too stiff.


Excuses, excuses.


I noticed NPC’S

Fuck this section is full of nazis now, fuck this shit one cant enjoy making a pose anymore!

[sp]Yee I got kinda lazy on this one, I promise something a lot better next time.[/sp]


Thanks for the comments!

No need to use the crappy ones when there’s better available.