Fuck Your Loading Screen

Fuck your loading screen which is just a shitty stretched image.
Fuck your loading screen that plays music that no one wants to hear.
Fuck your loading screen that forces me to watch an ad while I join your server.
Fuck your loading screen showing all the features I don’t get if I’m not a donator.
Fuck your loading screen that looks like complete ass and seems to be made by an 8 year old.
Fuck your loading screen that doesn’t even load.
Fuck your loading screen which I’m forced to view since there’s no option to disable custom loading screens.
Fuck your loading screen which falls into the majority of bad loading screens.

Fuck your loading screen

and your eyebrows

I agree. I don’t want to listen to Rihanna while waiting to play DarkRP and then have to watch an advertisement in the “MOTD”.

Feel as if 90% of gmod servers you come across that aren’t big name communities use that one fucking Coderhire product. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know which.

I’ll be honest, out of all the graphic work I do, my loading screens are what I’m most happy with. I think some of them turn out really nice!

^ This. I personally dislike the Coderhire loading screens more than the static images, or even lack of loading screen. It’s better to have no custom loading screen than an annoying one, though.

Thoughts on this?

remove the music

At first I didn’t like it but after a while I thought it was cool. The only problem is that my internet is fairly slow, so I’d be stuck listening to that song for quite some time.

There should be an option to allow people to mute if they don’t like it.
Also whoa thunderstorm sounds like RIGHT NOW

you can mute the sounds by opening up the volume mixer (for windows 7) and muting awsoumium.exe

Fuck you loading screen nobody looks at you.Am i the only one doing something else why it loads instead of watching a loading screen with an annoying dubstep music

Exactly! I listen to music while I wait, (it takes 2 hours cause so many player models that arent required want to download) then Loading screen wants to play this song…

The only loading screens I like are the ones that display (usually funny) screenshots of happenings on the server I am joining.

It’s like they don’t understand, we are listening to our own damn music and or talking to our friends. We don’t need your damn Music blaring over ours. Loading music pisses me off the most…

Loading music, coderhire loading screens, they all suck yes. I just ALT+TAB and always have awsoumium.exe muted. This solves it.

I couldn’t do that when i had gmod in fullscreen on my old pc. It just ended up crashing/freezing

That usually solves everything, but when you play a gamemode like Slave of GMod that relies on awsoumium.exe for the full experience, it really sucks.

I don’t get why some loading screens show your steamID in plain text.

Not as if your SteamID is secret, anyway. Anyone can get it by using “status” in the console.

They want to intimidate you dude, they have full control over youu.
It’s like when they show you your fingerprints at the police station.

(In reality they just showing off how mediocre they are at javascript and how bad they are at designing things)

I dont see why they have to have my steamid and nick in the loadingscreen. I get if it says like “Welcome Mr Hatisk”. But those who just have my pic and a list with my name and steamid. I know my fucking nick and steamid(or how to get it…).