fucked animations?

why is the animations looking like this? , i tried to install the 2007 shared models but it didnt work , and yes this is a mysql based gamemode.

btw its cider and i have a working mysql table.


please help!



its cider! , it said cakescript sorry!

Whats the problem really? Everything looks fine on that pic

The model is facing the wrong way.

You can tell the player is rotated 90 degrees the wrong way, and now that there are new proper third person animations it’s even more noticeable.

As for the problem the same thing happens to my third person gamemode I’ve been working on, but only sometimes, other times it loads fine and the animations are perfect.

Issue with the update, not sure how to fix.

Use the animation hooks?

If you’re using NPC models and not HL2MP models you’ll see that it’s not my fault, looking at the picture, a pose parameter was incorrectly set. You need to clear the pose parameters. I don’t know what conditions cause it.