fucked hammer up along with map.

It took hours to design my map for my clan for gungames. Then my hammer decided even though the map looked flat when i maked it, its sideways. I put two spawns and when that happened, i slid off the map because it was sideways…

Now whenever i try to make a block,it comes out as four sided,meaning i cant make walls without making a unnescary roof.

If it only took a few hours it couldn’t have been very good anyway.

I think he’s using the wrong x/y/z

What should my X/Y/Z’s be at. Someone help.
also by the way, it took around 7 hours to acutally make my map, because i kept losing them on the grids,it took 3 hours to design it, tested it and then it decided to be all gay and sideways on me.

X and Y are the horizontal axises, while Z is the vertical axis in source. Just select everything and rotate it 90 degrees.

Small GG maps for clans can be done in a matter of hours. I used to make small 2v2, 4v4, 8v8 Torny maps for in-clan challenges.