Fucked up Discord channels, small request

Key “giveaway” led to a abyss of shit. I’m fucking tired of seeing begging for keys in these fucking channels (when I want to see good lads content)

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Garry, please make a separate channel for people with access to dev preview, make sure everyone can read it, but no one could write there except the key owners :pray:


Please bring back #sandbox or something like that so we can have our “”“civilized”"" coding discussions without people randomly asking for keys in between


The “code” channel is basically just being used as a “general” at this point, which isnt helping either


Moved to meta. I agree a new section might not be bad but let’s be honest you’re gonna get people spamming for keys in whatever section someone spams for keys in

Slow down mode might be a good mid ground for now

Maybe make a key spam section :stuck_out_tongue:

Also going mad on the other s&box discords, probably be like this for the rest of the week…


pretend i have voted


you cant really controll it where someone spams stuff
so a slowmode like David said would make sense

otherwise a protected area where normies like me wont be able to write like Wyvern said) would make most sense

even telling them that begging wont really help doesnt help :frowning:

#art, #source2 or any of the other channels don’t have nearly as much traffic in them since they’re not the top channel. Adding a general #sandbox to the top of the S&box category would sanitize the content of #code . Or we can always get facepunch to place #art on top of the category and let the poor artists deal with the keyspam instead of us developers in #code. :stuck_out_tongue:


:worried: wait no…

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I feel like adding a #general back would be better. Yeah people will still spam the other channels but I feel like most of the spam will be in general. Maybe enforce the rules more in the other channels if a general is added back.

make a #key channel and put it at the very top. then we can just mute that channel