fucked up tf2 shotgun texure

the title says it all, my tf2 shotgun is messed up, all my other tf2 weapons are fine, if someone could tell me how I might be able to fix this, pic:


its because the hl2 shotgun has the same texture name as the tf2 shotgun so it uses the hl2 shotgun texture
ill upload a fix for you

Actually, Bloocobalt made a fix


huh never mind then

once again jason, you saved me!

It’s been four years and there still isn’t an official fix for it?

it was weird cause i actually never had that before to me, but i guess not

Yeah mine did the same thing when I DL’ed the fem’ Engi.
Didn’t do it when i didn’t have the model. (after deleting) then did again when I reinstalled it. Thanks for the link though.

So maybe they did fix it. I remember way back when it didn’t work, and I always got frustrated. So I downloaded a fix and forgot about it.