Fucked up.

First time doing a blood edit.

In 3200x1800


C&C please.

He won’t walk so good after that, teach me your secrets on minimalization and scenebuilds pls

That ledge he’s leaning on does most certainly not look like a ledge given its lack of detailed textures/polygon/lighting, and the fact its exactly the same colors as the sky made my brain hurt looking at it trying to figure out what I’m seeing.

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Also soften your brush and lower opacity when adding ambient occlusion, you can literally see how you drew it on.
as to the blood, it looks like its gushing out at 5 liters per second. The soldier should have much more blood stains on his uniform, same with the guy treating him

Looks nice, lighting kinda reminds me of ArmA 3. Though the blood looks kinda shit honestly. Blood doesn’t soak into clothes so evenly, the edges shouldn’t look as damp as they do.

That depends on how he got the wound.

Arteries really suck when they get holes in them